Forest Community

There are no villages residing inside Segaliud Lokan Forest Reserve. According to the Social Impact Assessment report, there are six settlements within 20 km radius of SLFR.

The nearest village to the SLFR is Kg. Balat. The village is located at the southwest of SLFR and upstream of Sungai Kinabatangan. However, the village is located about 11 km from the nearest proposed logging area. Therefore, this village is anticipated to be insignificant to SLFR. Kg. Balat is immediately adjacent to Deramakot Forest Reserve (DFR) boundary.

DFR organized yearly meeting with the communities which attended by SLFR representative. SLFR shows commitments by offering any job opportunity and provide any needs for community improvement.

Community Consultation Committee is responsible to deal with the various identified land tenure conflicts, as well as socio-economic concerns and grievances.

Through this committee, we have visit to all listed villages and consulted villager on KTSP main operation and conservation effort especially on water catchment protection.

No.KampongLocationDistance from Project Area
1.Kg. BalatSouthwest11 km
2.Kg. Ulu MuanadNorth20 km
3.Kg. Sangau/Kulu-kuluSoutheast13 km
4.Kg. Kuala LokanSoutheast12 km
5.Kg. Buang SayangSoutheast>20 km
6.Kg. SiringonSoutheast12 km
Consultation with Kg. Sangau villagers
Consultation with Kg. Balat
Consultation with Kg. Buang Sayang representatives
Interview with Kg. Kuala Lokan village head.

Locality of Villages surrounding SLFR