KTS Plantation Sdn. Bhd. is committed to continue improve the competency and awareness performance by identifying and provide necessary skill, competency, awareness and other training to all employees and contractors in order to utilize their knowledge for optimum performance. Not only in competency trainings, the company also providing other trainings such as safety and health, and environmental awareness.

This is some the list of trainings that has been attended recently by KTSP staffs;

  1. RIL Supervisor Course (Sabah Forestry Institute)
  2. Ril Course for Contractor Workers (Sabah Forestry Institude)
  3. Scheduled Waste Management (Environmental Institute Malaysia)
  4. EMS ISO 14001:2015 Transition Training (SGS)
  5. CHP Preparation using GPS (Sabah Forestry Department)
  6. MC&I (Natural Forest) Internal Audit Training (MTCC)
  7. Auditor Training Course on Forest Management Certification (MTCC)
  8. High Conservation Value Forest Training (WWF-Malaysia)
  9. OHSC Trained Person Programme (Department of Occupational Safety and Health)

In addition to that, KTSP had engaged open discussions with other professional bodies to increase the knowledge and information sharing especially in the concept of Sustainable Forest Management. Discussions and tutorial with Sabah Forestry Department on timber yield analysis, best economic models in implementing SFM, and good stewardship in managing forest are among the topic discussed.