Silvicultural treatment

Silviculture tending is important to improve the quality commercially valuable tree stands and to ensure that an adequate stocking of harvesting trees is achieved. Vines and climbing bamboo are known to significantly impede tree regeneration and growth. About 25,000 hectares of the total area of FMU 19B (57240 hectares) has been treated since 1995.

Technically, silviculture tending in KTSP is carried out in two phases where the first phase is carried out 6 months before harvesting operation and the second phase is carried out on years 10 after harvesting. The year-10 re-entry basically involves the elimination of climbing bamboos and other woody vines which compete the future crop trees for light and nutrients. Meanwhile, pre-harvest operation is done to ensure minimal damage on other Potential Crop Trees (PCT) during tree harvesting.

Silviculture tending (10 year re-entry) in compartment 26, FMU 19B

Silviculture tending (10-year re-entry) in compartment 26, FMU 19B